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Neo Tarot Review

Dec 19

In the New York Times best-selling book "Neo Tarot," Sophia Amoruso combines her expertise in self-care and spirituality with the ancient practice of divination with tarot cards. Amoruso has been using tarot for divination for centuries. This is her first book about the tarot cards. She also includes a meditation and tarot card reading guide.

The deck comes with an accompanying book describing the meaning of each card. The book starts with a manifesto that outlines the author's vision for tarot as a tool for self-care. The premise is that tarot is an excellent tool for self-care. It allows you to slow down and take the time to read the cards. It is a container for going deep and showing up for yourself. The book's philosophy are both incredibly helpful, and the information in the deck is clear and concise.

The book starts with a manifesto, an author's vision for using tarot as a self-care tool. It's like self-directed therapy. You slow down and explore yourself, a safe space where you can really let go and show up. It's a beautiful book with a deep message for everyone. It's a unique approach to using tarot and is a worthwhile purchase for any self-care enthusiast.

Jerico Mandybur's book Neo Tarot has been described as a self-care guide for those who are looking to improve their lives. His book provides an introduction to Tarot and its workings. It explains the benefits of using the Tarot as a healing tool. And he explains how the cards can help you overcome the problems of the past, present, and future. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to use the Tarot to heal and improve their quality of life.

Mandybur's Neo Tarot is based on the concept of self-understanding and nurturing. This approach is not a cultish future-telling tool, but a valuable tool for people who want to make a change in their lives and find a path of contentment. It's a good thing this book doesn't rely on tarot cards to give you a good psychic reading.

The book is written by Jerico Mandybur, a media professional and self-care advocate who has been a tarot reader for four years. She has become one of the most popular tarot guides on the internet, and her book is the result of a lot of research and a thorough consultation. However, there are some caveats when it comes to using tarot to improve your life.

For starters, the book is visually appealing, with colorful illustrations and modern-day symbolism. The shapes of the cards are eye-catching, and they tap into the imagination of the mind. These images are then used to give the reader insight into what the cards mean. The Neo Tarot is especially useful for those seeking contentment. It's a great tool for meditating. The author combines a beautiful, colorful deck with practical exercises.

Unlike traditional tarot, the Neo Tarot is a modern interpretation of the ancient art form. It celebrates the individual's uniqueness and offers new interpretations of the traditional symbols. The deck is also beautifully illustrated. Its 78 cards are easy to understand, and the accompanying booklet offers helpful exercises for a more personal and intimate connection with the cards. This deck is part of the Magic and Ritual range.

This new deck was designed with modern tarot users in mind. It offers a new interpretation of the ancient tarot and is an accessible way to get started. The cards are designed with the modern tarot reader in mind. The tarot guidebook teaches how to read the cards. It is also an excellent companion for beginners and is a must-have for anyone looking for a tarot kit.

The Neo Tarot book is an essential purchase for tarot enthusiasts. This book outlines the various aspects of the Tarot deck and shows how to use the deck. The author also explains how to read the cards by using the different spreads, which are based on the same symbols. The book's 78-card-strong deck is a great resource for beginning tarot readers. Its actionable exercises allow readers to use the cards in daily life.

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