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May 24

A happy marriage is all we want. But for you to enjoy a good relationship with your partner, you have to play your part. You should be responsible, honest, and respectful. But no matter what you do, issues will arise, and how you resolve them will determine if you will have peace of mind or not. It is advisable to book sessions with a marriage counselor. However, if you don't see any change, you should consider going for a Couples Marriage Retreat organized by An Affair Of The Heart. Here is why you should count on us to save your relationship.

We Are Effective Relationship Builders

When it comes to marriage issues, you can't just trust anyone. You need a marriage counselor who can build a trusting relationship with you so that you can easily open up. Our marriage counselors, led by Ross Hickerson, are friendly and trained to work effectively with couples in crisis. As a result, when you come to our Couples Therapy NYC retreat, they will welcome you and treat you well so that you can feel at ease and share what is causing distress in your marriage. 

We Are Problem Solvers

We know that you have been having issues, and that is why you want help. For that reason, we have a team of counselors who will help you solve your problems related to emotional, intimacy, behaviors, and relational processes. We empathize and help you overcome your problems so that you can rebuild your marriage to have fun memories like before. We are not here to judge you; we are here to solve your issues. Therefore, come to our Therapy Retreats, and your marriage will never be the same again. 

We Are Culturally Sensitive

Culture, religion, and beliefs can affect relationships. Marriage issues related to culture and beliefs should be handled carefully. You need a Marriage Therapy Retreat who appreciates diversity and respects different cultures, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion. Our team is culturally sensitive and conversant with different aspects of culture that affect families and marriages. We will approach your case uniquely and find a solution to re-establish the connection and love for a better, working marriage. 

We Are Ethical

Ethics are key to marriage therapy services. You want to work with an ethical center that appreciates your problem and maintains a high level of confidentiality and privacy. An Affair Of The Heart adheres to a code of ethics during the Marriage Counseling Retreat to ensure couples who come for help are satisfied. We don't infringe on their rights and treat them with the utmost respect. 

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