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Jul 4

When couples get married, most do so willingly without having an idea of getting a divorce later. They all hope for a happy life thereafter in Northampton, MA. But life has surprises along the way. After some time, couples can start having disagreements, conflicts, and unending arguments. Others even start cheating, and that causes wounds that need time to heal. You can think of divorce when your relationship has endless issues and unhealed wounds. But before things get to that point, it is advisable to try intensive marriage counseling retreats in Northampton, MA organized by An Affair Of The Heart. Here is why you should consider our retreats.

We Have Trained, Experienced, and Certified Marriage Counselors

If you want to save your relationship, you should let professionals handle your issues. Professionals know the issues affecting many relationships and can address them. When you come to our marriage therapy retreats, you will have sessions with our experienced and certified marriage counselors led by Ross Hickerson. The team will listen to you and determine what is ailing your relationship. They will allow you to vent out and talk to your partner directly. In the end, you will iron out issues affecting your marriage and have a plan to keep your relationship going. 

We Guarantee Fast Results

When you go for weekly therapy sessions for a year, you will spend more money and time, and you will not be guaranteed the best results. However, when you come to our 3-5 days marriage therapy retreat, you will get your marriage back on track in just less than 5 days. Our team uses scientifically proven methods to fix relationship issues and reestablish trust in marriages. We will also help you overcome trauma related to infidelity and heal unhealed wounds so that you can focus on rebuilding your relationship for a happy marriage.

We are Honest and Confidential

When you are looking for a solution for your shaky relationship, you need an honest team that tells you things as they are. At An Affair Of The Heart, we have honest counselors to solve your relationship matters. The team will be honest and transparent with you to ensure those deeper issues affecting your marriage are addressed. The team is confidential and will not disclose your details to anyone. You will have a private session with our team, ensuring privacy. No one will hear about what you are going through unless you want to share your story with other couples attending the couple therapy weekend retreat.

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