Saturday, April 17, 2021

How to Deal With Toxic Parents

Though she didn’t yet know the term “toxic,” Rashawnda James knew something was very off about her relationship with her mother when she was...

CDC Says Blocking Middle Airline Seats Could Reduce COVID Spread

As Americans travel again and airlines begin filling their planes to capacity, the CDC says blocking the middle...

Got acne? Here’s our top pick for a fix.

It’s the rare person indeed who is indifferent to the presence of a large pimple on his face.

Medtronic Recall of Heartware HVAD Equipment Is Class I, Says FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration has declared Medtronic's recent recall of batteries, power, and data link cables...

Don’t worry about sweat with our top deodorant pick

Native Natural Deodorant in Coconut & Vanilla Native Natural Sweating. We have to do it, but that doesn’t mean...

Exploring the Natural Benefits of Ecotherapy

Maurie Lung, PhD, was in second grade when she realized what she wanted to do when she grew up.“When I went away to summer...

MS Hospital Visits Increase in Warmer Weather

Individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) seek additional acute medical care during periods of unusually warm weather, a new...

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Scientists Create Monkey-Human Embryos

Human/animal chimeras also could help fill in blanks in our understanding of early human development following...

Disgraced Doctor Surrenders License After OSU Sex Abuse Scandal

Ted W. Grace, MD, a doctor implicated in the Ohio State University sex abuse scandal dating back decades,...