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LDN for anxiety

Sep 30

LDN, Anxiety & Depression

People of any age can have depression and anxiety symptoms, but older patients tend to exhibit them more frequently. Sometimes, it can lead to patients not wanting to live anymore - this is a tragic outcome and it may have been preventable if the proper care had been given.

Anxiety and Depression

A mental health disorder like depression or anxiety is characterized by persistent depression or disinterest in daily tasks, which significantly affects daily functioning.

Standard therapies do not work for all patients. A study entitled Antidepressants versus Placebos in Primary Care found that six to eight weeks after beginning treatment with antidepressants, just half of the people experienced improvement.

Alternatively, you could use — LDN.

Do Anxiety and Depression Have a Relation to Age?

It is common for anxiety and depression to be linked with other ailments (like arthritis, cancer, heart disease), and since we all know that the probability of developing other illnesses increases as one ages, so does the possibility of developing anxiety and depression.

Researchers have found that chronic low-level inflammation, altered stress responses, and gut microbiome imbalances play a crucial role in depression and anxiety. Is there any connection between the two? The aforementioned illnesses are all related to aging.

Chronic inflammation can be reduced by LDN, which may also induce the release of endorphins. Our team believes that LDN for anxiety can play an important role in treating anxiety or depression, and we are not the only ones who believe this.

Studies Supporting LDN's Effectiveness for Depression/Anxiety

The medical communities, as well as patients, have shared various anecdotes and case studies about the effectiveness of LDN to alleviate symptoms of depression. Only one clinical study has been published on LDN as a method of treating mental illness. There were 15 cases in this study done by W. Pape’ and W. Wöller.

LDN's Effects on Anxiety/Depression & Aging

Mental and physical health issues are closely linked with inflammation (4, 5). Depressive and anxiety disorders are associated with inflammation; Excessive systemic inflammation can be reduced with LDN as it modulates the immune system and lowers pro-inflammatory cytokines (6). For more information, click here.

Anxiety and depression are often aggravated by chronic illnesses. Chronic pain can be relieved with LDN, which in turn can ease depression and anxiety associated with it.