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Wet Pour Repair

Sep 21

Wetpour is a rubber-crumb play surface that's used in parks, playgrounds and other recreational areas.

Wet pour is two-layered system that includes a base shock pad and an coloured top. This is also known as "rubber tarmac" or "soft tarmac".

The wet pour playground surface comes in many colours including yellow, green, and red epdm.

What is a Wetpour Surface and how does it work? Find out more information

Wet pour surfacing can be used as a safety surface for rubber crumbs that absorb impact. Mix the rubber granules with a polyurethane resin to create the desired colour and then lay it down.

Rubber safety flooring for playgrounds can be installed in bright colors.

To ensure safety and critical fall height ratings, all our rubber surfaces have been tested to BS EN1177 standards. Use with swings, climbing frames and other playground equipment.

Wetpour surfacing has become increasingly popular in schools and nurseries. To meet specific requirements, the rubberized play surface can be installed at different depths.

Play graphics can be installed on these areas to make educational and fun games for children. The next step is to put the wearing course. This is a 1-4mm EPDM rubber which we mix with the polyurethane and then pour onto the shockpad.

Ideas For Your Wetpour Surface

Many schools opt to brighten a playground with a variety coloured graphics when installing wet pour rubber.

These playful designs in the poured rubber playground flooring encourage children to engage in educational and fun activities.

The most popular option is to have your wet pour rubber flooring in black EPDM, then add coloured graphics. Many games can be included in the designs for playground rubber surfaces, such as:


Education activities

"What's the Time Mr Wolf?"

Grids of numbers and letters


Cartoon characters


Phonics activities

Geometric shapes

In school playgrounds, educational graphics that include numbers and letters are very popular. These allow pupils to practice skills they have learned in lessons.


Wet pour rubber surfaces have the following main benefits:

Falls have less impact

Low maintenance

It is easy to clean

All weather conditions are compatible

You can have your lair in many different colors/designs

Durable rubber play surface

It can be easily arranged into odd shapes

Wetpour rubber crumb flooring offers many other benefits, including safety, design, and physical development of children.

While there are some similarities between poured rubber and rubber tile, wet pour seems to be more common. You can add exciting designs to your rubber, and you can lay it in any shape and without any wastage. Contact us today if you're interested in installing a rubber crumb play space.

Wetpour Playground Surface Designs

NBS specifies a two-layer system for wet pour surfacing. It consists of an SBR layer as the base and an EPDM layer as the top. The SBR base acts like a shockpad to absorb impacts. The EPDM wearing layer is made of rubber granules. It comes in a variety of bright colours and designs.

Wetpour soft surfacing is installed onto different sub bases, depending on the conditions. A sub base of compacted MOT 1 stone is used to install impact absorbing rubber play surfaces. Because of the way it's installed, it's sometimes called poured rubber flooring.

A solid porous sub-base is our preferred choice. This could be open-textured porous macadam, or concrete with no fines.

We offer many different options for wet pour playground surfaces for schools, nurseries, and public facilities.

Feel free to reach out to us by filling the quick inquiry form. We are happy to provide information about the product and advice on costs of installation.

These are just some of the many places rubber crumb surfacing can be found. Rubber crumb surfacing is a versatile flooring option that can be used in many different locations depending on your needs.

Rubber Play Flooring

Your wetpour rubber crumb floor can be customized to suit your school or nursery.

We can create custom designs using logos and specific colour schemes.

You can choose from a variety of rubber wetpour graphic designs to fit the needs of children of all ages. Wet pour rubber playground surfaces can be used in many different ways and are durable. These playground surfaces are suitable for children from toddlers to primary school age.

We are a specialist contractor for play surfaces and can provide professional advice. We will ensure it meets all safety and performance requirements.

Safety Surfacing Company

We are specialists in rubber safety surfacing and can provide a wide range wet pour rubber flooring services for schools, nurseries, parks, and play areas. This will ensure that children who use the facility are completely protected from injuries.

Our team is a wet pour surface supplier that installs our products to the highest quality.

Wet pour safety surfacing for playgrounds is one of our main services. It can be done in bright colours or other designs. We have tested all rubber surfaces to BS EN1177 standards to ensure safety and critical fall height ratings for use with swings, climbing frames, and other playground equipment.

For schools and nurseries that have young children, wetpour surfacing is gaining popularity. You can install impact-absorbing safety surfacing in many different depths to suit your needs. Play graphics can be installed on these areas to provide educational and fun games for children.

Wet pour safety surfaces can be installed in many shapes and sizes, since they are 'pour on rubber flooring. For more information, please get in touch.

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Wetpour surfacing questions can be answered by our experienced staff. We are also available to provide information on other playground flooring options and safety surfacing specifications.

We are able to install, repair and maintain wet pour playground surfaces.

Wetpour surfacing is installed nationwide in the UK by our team. We offer competitive prices for supply and installation.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out more about soft-pour surfacing by looking at our frequently asked questions.

Wet Pore or Wet Pour?

This surface should be called wetpour EPDM rubber-surfacing.

Wet pour is often spelled wrongly as "wet pore". Wetpour is the name of the installation process. The rubber is poured onto the base to create a solid rubber layer.

The solid rubber playground surface can be used underneath play equipment to keep children safe in the case of a fall.

What is a Soft Surface?

Any rubber safety surface, including rubber mulch and rubber tiles, can be considered a soft surface.

Although each surface is unique in appearance, they all have safety features. Rubber mulch is more commonly used in natural environments.

Because it is a poured rubber material, wetpour is more popular than rubber tiles. Because it is poured in place rubber, the surface can be used in any shape.

How do you pour rubber?

This is a step-by-step guide to how to pour rubber surfacing.

Mix EPDM rubber Granules and Binder

Mix the mixture and pour it over the sub base.

Spread the rubber layer across the ground

To create a smooth surface, sand the surface to the desired depth.

For pour in place rubber flooring installation, it is crucial to hire a professional. We are experts in this field and can guarantee you the best possible installation at the right levels.